3 Witches Brewery

2016 Mar  «  2014 Dec

“3 Witches Brewery” is a colorful casual game suitable for all occasions.

In the game you help three witches brewing their potion and make sure that only the correct ingredients pass into the bowl. Once the cauldron is full the potion changes its color and the process starts over again.

I developed this game as a side project together with the super talented Steffi Kick who provided the amazing artwork.

The game was published with the support of 3ID Studios.


Game Design

The goal in this game was to test the player’s attention and reaction speed to
create a difficulty curve that leads the player into a flow state.

A simple highscore system and various achievements round of the experience.


The illustrations were animated using the skeletal animation tool Spine.

Game Development

The game was developed using the Corona 2D Game Engine, which allows easy cross-plattform development utilizing the LUA scripting language.



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