7 Tage Seoul

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“7 Tage Seoul” is a small travel book I created in memory of my trip to South Korea in 2018.

It’s filled with my experiences and additional information about various sights and Korea in general. It also includes a small dictionary as well as a subway map.

The booklet was printed in a DIN A6 format and consists of over 90 pages. The printed books were used as gifts for clients and friends.


Concept | Text | Editorial Design

The overarching idea behind this project was to create a travel book that prepares the reader for a seven day trip to Seoul.

It contains all the neccessary information about a trip to Korea in general as well recommendations for several sights to visit in one week.

The book has a clean layout and design that incorporates Korean words and symbols.


I took several hundreds of photos. The 60 most fitting ones were polished and used fitting the text.



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