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“ATMO.SITE – Present game right.” was a service that got video games the web presence they deserved, by delivering a website that conveys the game’s essence and atmosphere.

It offered top-notch design and development of unique websites according to the client’s desires and needs.

Three customizable packages where available for websites ranging from small and simple to big and elaborated.


Concept | Interface Design

The core concept was to understand every game as an epic story that needs to be told.

This is reflected by combining adventure evoking photos with a clean layout.


The illustrations were chosen in a clear contrast to the photos. They are meant to combine the magical old with the technological new.

Frontend Web Development | Backend Web Development

The website was build upon a simple PHP basis without any frameworks.



As I’m not a fan of contact forms you can simply contact me via e-mail, which I check on a daily basis.

If it suits you better you can call me as well 🙂



+49 (0)151 239 869 07