Catching Kittens

2015 Mar  «  2014 Jul

“Catching Kittens” is a small mobile game developed for iOS and Android.

In the game it’s raining kittens and only you can save them! Choose your character and rescue as many as possible from a painful end. It’s a fast and addictive game with cuteness guaranteed.

The more kittens you catch the slower you become. Various playable characters are available by unlocking achievements.

This was the second game I developed and it still sparks joy in those who play it.

The game was published with the support of 3ID Studios.

Unfortunately this game is no longer available for download.


Game Design

The game is focussed on cuteness throughout the whole experience. It is designed for very short play sessions with a gradual learning curve and character unlocks along the way.

A simple highscore system and various achievements round of the experience.

Pixel Art

This was the first time I used pixel art in a project. All graphics were created in Adobe Photoshop.

Game Development

The game was developed using the Corona 2D Game Engine, which allows easy cross-plattform development utilizing the LUA scripting language.



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