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The “Colossos” mobile game was created for the Heide Park Ressort and integrated in the park’s official app.

It was used as a promotion for the reopening of the park’s famous Colossos rollercoaster after three years of renovation.

The game is also meant as a distraction while waiting for your next ride.


Concept | Game Design

The goal was to incorporate the rollercoaster’s new theme into the game experience.

This is achieved by three trials the player has to complete to fight the ancient giant who’s threatening to destroy Colossos and the whole park.

The game is meant for very short play sessions and features easy to learn game mechanics and a simple highscore system.

Vector Art

The game’s art style was inspired by the existing marketing assets and tries to combine the different styles that were present.

The assets were created using Adobe Illustrator with a heavy emphasis on brushes and gradients.

Game Development

The game was developed using web technology and the createjs framework for HTML5 canvases.


For this project I worked together with aikia who were commissioned by the Heide Park Ressort.



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