Ghost Mansion

2013 Sep  «  2013 Apr

“Ghost Mansion” was a mobile action adventure developed as part of my final assignment at HTK.

In the game you take control over Jeff, who is taksked with delivering pizza to a haunted mansion. Traped inside he has to defend himself against various ghost using his flashlight and tries to escape his dire situation.

Proceduraly generated leels where planed for higher replayability.

It was my second game project but unfortunately it has never been finished.


Game Design

The game is focussed on its spooky but cute theme. Many rooms are dark and only lit by your character’s flashlight. The flashlight had three modes for different battle situations.

Additional characters and proceduraly generated levels where planned for the future.


The Game’s assets where illustrated in Adobe Photoshop using a graphics tablet. The graphics relied on clear colors and shapes and had a vector-like look to them.

Game Development

The game was developed using the Corona 2D Game Engine, which allows easy cross-plattform development utilizing the LUA scripting language.



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