Heisse Paragraphen

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“Heiße Paragraphen: Zwischen den Zeilen des Weltklimavertrags” is a website about the contents and origins of the Paris Agreement, which has been passed by the UN to fight climate change.

It explains the agreement’s passages and provides detailed background information, with the goal to create a better understanding of this abstract topic. Therefor specific passages are set in context with real world events.

Readers are engaged to share their opinion about the agreement’s contents and their usefullness.


Concept | Web Design

The website’s content are seperated into two parts reflecting the agreement’s dual nature (abstract vs real), each with its own color scheme.

The contents of these two areas are interconnected, so the readers can get an understanding of the agreement’s complexity.

Vector Art

All illustrations are highly stylized to reflect the agreement’s abstract nature. They stand in a stark contrast to the photos representing real life events.

Frontend Web Development | Backend Web Development

The Website was realized as a custom Wordpress theme which allowed for easy content integration and interconnection between different content types.


The project was commissioned by the journalist Alexander Mäder who is responsible for all the website’s contents. It was co-commissioned and released by Fail Better Media.



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