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“HypnoBox” is the most comprehensive hypnosis app and features over 500 suggestions.

All suggestions are voiced by a male and a female speaker and can be used offline once downloaded.

Custom sessions can be created and own audio files can be recorded or imported.

The app was created by the hypnotherapist Bernhard Tewes from Kiez Hypnose and is enhanced continuously.


Frontend Web Development

The app’s frontend was realized by implementing a custom javascript framework into a webview which handles the UI and business logic by communicating with custom build native iOS and Android apps that were developed by e-pixler APPS.


Right now I’m working as a Senior Hybrid App Developer at HypnoBox GmbH.

Originally I have been commissioned by e-pixler APPS who supervise the app’s development process and were themselfs commissioned by Bernhard Tewes from Kiez Hypnose.



As I’m not a fan of contact forms you can simply contact me via e-mail, which I check on a daily basis.

If it suits you better you can call me as well 🙂




+49 (0)151 239 869 07