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“PiTT” is a small mobile game developed for iOS and Android.

In the game you help a little robot to find its way through a maze of tubes and stand up against numerous obstacles and dangers, such as lasers, magnets and teleporters. The player can alter PiTT’s shape and features as well as several level elements.

I developed and released the game during my studies at htk academy. It was my first game and I’m still proud of it.

The game was published with the support of 3ID Studios.

Unfortunately this game is no longer available for download.


Game Design

The game’s mechanics are lously based on other physics puzzle games of the time and are tailored to short play sessions.

Vector Art

The game’s artwork was created using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to deliver a simple and colorful art style.

Game Development

The game was developed using the Corona 2D Game Engine, which allows easy cross-plattform development utilizing the LUA scripting language.



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