Starborn Tactics

2015 Jul  «  2015 Apr

“Startborn Tactics” was envisioned as a turn-based tactical game for two players. Both players take command of a space fleet and try to destroy the enemy’s ships.

Each round both player assign ernergy to their ships simultanously. After that the ships will attack and operate automatically.

The challenge lies in using the energy as efficient as possible and anticipating the opponent’s actions.

The project unfortunately was abondoned after a few month.


Game Design | Interface Design

The game was envisioned as a short tactics game for mobile devices which should also allow for elaborate strategies and long time motivation.

The minimalitstic Interface was designed in stark contrast to the detailed artworks.

Vector Art | Visual Design

All ships were created in Illustrator and feature a clear but detailed style.

The effects and backgrounds were created using Photopshop and incorporate various textures.



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