Wer weiss denn sowas?

2018 Aug  «  2018 Jan

“Wer weiß denn sowas?” is the video game implementation of a popular german television quiz show airing on ARD since 2015.

The game replecates the show’s procedure and athmosphere. Players can create their own characters and team up with the shows regular participants Berhard Hoëcker and Elton to answer the question presented by the showmaster Kai Pflaume.

1-4 players can play 30 shows with 360 questions in total. All game situations are enhanced with the celebrity’s voice recordings.

The game has been released for PC, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. I also worked on the second part which has been developed and released in 2019.


Creative Lead | Game Design | UI/UX Design

The show’s rules where translated and adapted to game mechanics with the goal of replecating the show’s procedure and atmosphere as closely as possible.

The game’s UI was inspired by the show’s existing graphical elements.

Project Management | Audio Supervision

I was responsible for representing the project to the publisher and the client in various meetings and presentations.

The game utilizes the show’s original audio recording which was cut and rearranged to allow for its dynamic usage in the game. The system was developed to deliver a convincing impression of the show’s typical dialog situations.


The game was developed by Lost The Game Studio who hired me as a freelance Game Designer.

The game itself was ultimately commisioned by the NDR television studio who enlisted the publisher bitComposer Interactive.



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